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Why buy from Kim Hansen Chevrolet

Kim Hansen - President / Owner


Here are just a few reasons to buy from Kim Hansen Chevrolet:

  • Our Prices are tough to beat!
    We are so confident with our ability to make great deals, that we post prices on our website. Why don't all the other car dealers list their prices? (you probably know why)
  • Our easy-selling approach.
    Our salesman are empowered to make you a deal, discuss financing options, and help you find the right vehicle...we won't make you sit around for hours on end while your salesman is running back and forth with a manager.
  • Our history of customer satisfaction.
    Voted "Best Place to Buy a Car" for several years running in the local newspaper opinion poll.

  • Our "Shop at your own pace" philosophy.
    Our salesman are happy to provide information in many different ways and formats. Would you rather be contacted by email ... not a problem! Want some photos of the car emailed ... done! Want a print-out of a vehicle ... you got it! Automobile History ... here you go!

  • We provide vehicle history checks free of charge on any of our vehicles.
    Many vehicles are creeping up in our area with "Frame Damage", "Water Damage", "Salvaged", or "Flood Damage" titles and/or histories. Don't be duped into paying too much for a vehicle that the dealer paid pennies-on-the-dollar for. 
    Many dealers charge as much as $15 for a credit report ... just ask, and we'll email one to you free of charge (whether you buy the vehicle or not.)
  • We service our own vehicles.
    We have our own shop of highly-skilled technicians who know how to fix cars right the first time and are there for all of your future needs.

  • We're just nice folks.
    We'll work hard for your business. We know that we can't beat every deal (the bright-pink diesel crew that you want might be tough for us to find), but we pledge to do our very best every time you give us the opportunity.

Now, it is pretty easy to make these claims (and every dealer probably does) ... so if you want more reasons to give us a try, then do the following ... the next time you are at the grocery store, a restaurant, the mall, etc. and see a vehicle with the KimHansen sticker or license plate on the back, ask that person what they thought of their experience. I'm confident that the comments will be similar to these above ... and we look forward to earning your business as well.

Kim S Hansen 

What made the difference for you?  Send us an email and we will promptly reply.